Safety Standards

All SPRAYDRENCH® products have been designed in the interest of worker safety, and are intended to accompany and complement, NOT replace or substitute the use of correct safety equipment and other protective devices.

It is recommended that consideration should be given to the practice of establishing a first aid response team. This would incorporate the full extent of all safety equipment, the correct installation, use and maintenance of which the SPRAYDRENCH® range of products would be an integral part. All employees must also be equipped and trained accordingly. In the event of an accident, a physician or medical doctor should always be contacted.

Additional equipment:

• In addition to the safety signage as supplied with SPRAYDRENCH® products, users may be interested in installing additional alarms.

• As an option SPRAYDRENCH® offers a wide range of products, including an audible alarm, complete with flashing beacon and a 10-day battery back-up.

• In addition to the above, these units may be connected electronically or via radio link to a central control point for efficient monitoring and site management.


In order to offer as complete a range of safety equipment as possible, certain popular and/or economic models not conforming to ANSI have been retained. All new SPRAYDRENCH® products have been designed according to – DIN 12899-3 : 2008 – EN 15154-1: 2008 – EN 15154-2 : 2006 – ANSI 358.1 : 2004- I.SO. 9001 – 2000 standards. These standards are intended to provide a minimum standard for the installation, use and performance of the emergency shower and eye wash equipment.

Eye / face wash equipment is a requirement in all laboratories where chemicals are used. All workplaces with similar risks should have access to state of the art equipment. Acids and alkaline solutions, in particular, even at high concentrations, can penetrate the cornea and damage the eye permanently. The immediate provision of first aid is crucial to restrict the amount of damage. Even the penetration of foreign particles, e.g. fine dust particles, into the eye represents a risk that is not to be underestimated. SPRAYDRENCH® high-perfomance spray heads ensure the large-scale dispersion of water. Additionally, all our eye showers feature a flow control, which guarantees the proper volume flow and the right jet configuration in accordance with the applicable standards. All SPRAYDRENCH® eye showers meet the requirements of DIN EN 15154-2:2006.