Safety Showers


The SPRAYDRENCH® range of safety showers can be broken up by: Shower Operation Family, Type/Number of Columns, Material of Construction, and Eyewash Operation. In general, these can be used to build the correct model number. Within each of these groupings there are number of specialisations and custom adaptations available. 

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Shower Requirements

A. Shower shall provide 75.7 litres of water per minute for 15 minutes.

B. Shower head shall be between 2080 mm and 2500 mm above the floor.

C. At 1580 mm above the floor the water pattern must be at least 508 mm in diameter.

D. Valve actuator shall be easy to locate and readily accessible to user.

E. Easily located, accessible actuator no higher than 1730 cm above the floor.

F. “Hands-free” stay-open valve activates in one second or less.

G. Outlet heads should be positioned between 840 cm.

H. Unit must deliver at least 11.4 litres (for eye/face wash) or 1.5 litres (for eye wash) for 15 minutes.

I. Protect outlet heads from airborne contaminants.

J. Connect unit to uninterruptible water supply delivering required flow
when all components are operated simultaneously.













Identify safety station with highly visible sign. Area around unit shall be well-lit.


Water Temperature

Water delivered to safety station shall be tepid. (lukewarm)


Install safety station within 10 seconds of hazard, on the same level as hazard and with unobstructed travel path.


Activate the safety station at least weekly. Inspect annually for compliance with standard.


Instruct all employees in the location and proper use of the safety stations.

Shower Operation Family

Type/Number of Columns Options

Eyewash Operation Options

Material of Construction Options

Shower Model Code Examples

The above code parts can be used to build the correct model number. Below are some typical shower code examples:

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