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1″ Inlet Header for Safety Shower Inlet


Consisting of:

  • 1″ Spraydrench Strainer: Ensures that the water supplied to the safety shower is free from debris and contaminants, providing clean and safe water for decontamination purposes.
  • Swing Check Valve: Prevents backflow, maintaining the integrity and safety of the water supply.
  • 1″ Pressure Reducing Valve: Regulates water pressure to a safe and effective level, ensuring consistent and adequate flow for effective decontamination.
  • For Connection to Shower Inlet: Designed for easy integration with existing safety shower systems.
  • Supplied with Fittings for Perpendicular or Inline Setup: Versatile installation options to accommodate different safety shower configurations.


This inlet header assembly ensures that your safety shower operates effectively and reliably, providing immediate and thorough decontamination when it’s needed most.


In any industrial or laboratory setting, the safety of personnel is paramount. Safety showers are critical components of emergency response systems, designed to quickly decontaminate individuals exposed to hazardous substances. To ensure the optimal performance of a safety shower, an efficient and reliable water supply system is essential. This is where an inlet header becomes indispensable.


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