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Safety Features
Safety Features

• Our range of industrial safety showers, eye and face wash stations are designed and intended for installation in the harshest environments.
• The modular design offers a wide range of interchangeability and flexibility, allowing the customisation of units to suit customer demands.
• All CLASSIC LINE products are Epoxy coated for extended life.
• All PREMIUM LINE products are manufactured entirely of stainless steel for everlasting use.
• Self-draining features on both the shower nozzles and pipe work to ensure healthy water and maintenance free operation.
• All PREMIUM LINE products are extremely robust, and non- corroding.
• Ideal operation at very low water pressures, from 50 kPa to 300 kPa.

DIN EN 15154-2:2006

• The upper edge of the spray head must be installed 1000 +/- 200mm above floor level.
• The spray head(s) must be at least 150 mm away from the nearest wall or obstruction.
• The valve should be fully open after a rotation of the manual control of a maximum of 90 degrees or pull of the manual control of a maximum of 200 mm.
• Eye showers must be supplied with drinking water or water of similar quality.
• Eye showers should feature a flow volume of at least 6 litres per minute.
• Water output must be guaranteed for a period of at least 15 minutes.
• The jet of water supplied by the spray heads can have a height of 100mm to 300mm.